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Steps to a Successful Mediation

Many people think that mediation involves a friendly mediator who talks with the parties until they suddenly hit a kumbaya moment and shake hands and walk away friends. While that would be wonderful, it does not usually happen that way. […]

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Tricks for the Litigator in Effective Negotiation in Mediation

These tricks, learned over years of litigation and mediation, can help you as a litigator and negotiator in mediation.   Let your client tell their story.  It is important for the client to have some catharsis, to get matters of […]

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  • "Thank you for your service in resolving my dispute...thanks to you I am able to close my file!"
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  • "There are too few good knowledgeable Employment Law mediators. Use a mediator who specializes in Employment Law and limits his mediation practice to Employment Law cases."
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